Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get to know your school nurse!

I stopped by the school nurse's office yesterday.  I thought it would be a quick hello and information exchange but she spent time talking with me, sharing information and specifically asked how I wanted Alexa's symptoms handled should she have a reaction at school.  I'm so glad that a casual "pop in" had such positive results!  I also got the inside scoop on the kindergartner who ate a peanut butter sandwich at lunch, forgetting he was allergic!  (my worst nightmare!)  It was reassuring to hear a first hand account of what transpired and how she handled it.  As a result, I feel more confident than I did a week ago.  My advice-get to know your nurse! She(or he) is going to be the one treating your child if a reaction occurs.  I'm happy to know that Alexa's nurse is caring, careful and thoughtful.  She aires on the side of caution and will not overlook potentially troubling symptoms.  She even confided in me that she lost a child who was 2 1/2 due to choking.  I was heartsick for her but I know that having lost her own child, she will treat ours with love, care and a watchful eye, for this I am grateful.

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