Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thinking of Haiti

Like many of you, I can not stop thinking about the tragedy in Haiti. I am reading about all that they are facing and just breaks my heart. Unlike those living through it, or those who have family or friends there, I'm fortunate enough to be able to choose not to read about the destruction, grief and struggle if it becomes to painful or difficult. But today I had a thought that truly terrified me. What I were in a similar catastrophe with my food allergic child? My daughter has multiple severe food allergies and asthma. Would I have her Epi Pens, Bendryl or Albuterol to keep her safe? Probably not. What would I feed her? Her options are already limited and with access to food being a problem there's a real chance she would be in danger of starving or suffering a life threatening allergic reaction to the food we did find. If we got emergency rations-would they be a safe for her to eat?? It's overwhelming to contemplate. Unfortunately, if you're fleeing a collapsing building your unlikely to grab the Epi Pens, Benadryl or inhaler and advanced planning for this type of disaster may not help. I'd love to hear from parents of other food allergic children who have emergency plans in place. What would YOU do to plan for something like this? God bless those suffering and I pray that the aid coming into the country will reach those who need it. I pray that our family will never have to experience such fear, grief and suffering as that facing the Haitian people.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another successful day

Yesterday Nicholas played outside on the playground for the first time in almost 6 weeks! It's was in the 40s but NO hives! I'm thrilled! He did get very red but did not get any hives and I think we may have turned a corner. Thank you God. He spent another 1/2 hour out today with no problems as well. Perhaps he will actually get to play outside during the winter like normal children. What a relief to see this pass and I hope it never comes back again!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold Urticaria resolved!

Great news at the allergist today! Nick had another "ice cube" test (they hold an ice cube to his forearm for 5 minutes) and it was negative!! He got one tiny hive but it was gone in a couple minutes! The Dr. said we are very fortunate that it resolved so quickly as it usually lasts 6 -12 months. She said we still need to watch him when he's outdoors and keep him bundled and warm but that things look really good. It's so refreshing to leave an allergists office with a smile on my face! I hope that things continue this way and that Nick can now play outdoors on warmer days-either way I'll sleep easier tonight!!! Thank you God, the universe or whatever powers that be and are watching out for us!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lexi Missed out again

There was another birthday celebrated at Alexa's preschool yesterday. As usual, I pulled out a cupcake for her to take to school for the celebration but in the crazy morning rush I packed her lunch but forgot the cupcake! Normally-I would have realized this when I arrived at the school and quickly correct my error, but yesterday my husband dropped her at school and the teachers did not remind him. The cupcake sat forgotten on the counter until later in the morning when I discovered it. I immediately started beating myself up for the error because it was now too late to bring it to her since they celebrate during morning snack. All I could think of was my poor child sitting there watching 14 kids eat some special treat while she had some boring snack from her safe snack stash. I'm blessed to have a child who does not cry or get upset when these things happen but I would give anything to spare her these moments. When I picked her up the teacher said "oh it was fine we all had goldfish and cheese sticks-so she wasn't left out" and I thought "Hooray! A Mom who didn't fuss with cake, cookies etc for a birthday!" WRONG! On the way home Alexa informed me that they had brownies-which she could not have. Now why in the world would the teacher leave this detail out?? So I asked Alexa ,"Really honey? But Rebecca said you had goldfish and cheese." Alexa said "Yes but they also had brownies-maybe Rebecca didn't realize" UGH! I'm amazed how great Alexa is about it-and of course I gave her the cupcake when we got home (which she lovingly shared with her brother) but these moments just highlight how challenging it can be to raise a child with multiple food allergies. I am thankful for the parents who reach out to me before the celebration so that I can make her something similar or make suggestions. Those moments are priceless and deeply appreciated. I wonder what next week will bring.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another cold day with fingers crossed

Have you ever experienced or heard of Cold Urticaria? My 2 year old son was recently diagnosed with this condition and living in a cold climate makes it a real challenge. Basically, he's allergic to the cold and develops hives on any part of his skin which is exposed. Sound bizarre? It did to my in-laws but my niece had this condition in her twenties so I was not confused when my young son started developing hives when exposed to the cold, but I was dismayed and saddened. When we were living in New Hampshire I could warm the car, transfer him in and run him from the car to the building or vice versa. However, we recently moved to NYC and getting my daughter to school each day requires a 10 minute walk in the cold each way and serious stress and concern for me. We've started him on Zyrtec each day in hopes that it will control his symptoms. It was frigid today and I was nervous that he would have a reaction but fortunately he still young enough to get bundled into a stroller for the walk and we were able to escape any problems to or from school. I'm very interested in hearing from anyone else who has experience with this condition as it seems very rare. We are hopeful that he will out grow it or that it will resolve as he grows but there is no way to know for sure. I had my hands full dealing with my daughter's multiple food allergies, environmental allergies and asthma but now I must also make room for daily care of my babies issues as well. If you have healthy children, kiss them, hug them and thank GOD for them!