Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's for Thanksgiving?

I've noticed allergy bloggers discussing holiday tips and recipes this week and since I enjoy riding the band wagon-here's my allergy friendly menu.  Our meal will be free of: Peanut, Treenuts, eggs, soy, chickpeas, and all legumes (except greenbeans).

Roasted Chicken (we decided against turkey since there are 4 of us and no one is a huge fan)
Stuffing (Pepperidge Farms makes a soy free mix-thank you Pepperidge Farms!)
Mashed Potatoes (ssshhh! This year I'm buying them from Fresh Direct to save my sanity)
Gravy-home made of course
Green Beans with lemon Butter
Cranberry sauce (from a can *cringe* but it's hubbies favorite)
Grands Biscuits (yes the Pillsbury kind because my allergic girl LOVES them)
Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi (my first try-wish me luck!)
Homemade Pumpkin Pie (Cybele Pascal's recipe in her Allergy Free Baking Handbook-I bought a graham cracker crust instead of using her gluten free crust recipe)

Is that enough for 2 adults and 2 young children?  I'm full just looking at this menu!

Basic Recipes:
Roasted Chicken is easy enough.  A little salt, pepper, garlic inside and out before hand and then into the Rotisserie so it self bastes.
Stuffing: celery, mushrooms, onion, and Jones pork sausage (in place of Jimmy Dean which I could not find *sniff sniff*).  Brown up the sausage, onions, and celery.  Add this to the Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix, add desired amount of chicken broth (we use Kitchen Basics which is allergy free) and perhaps some cranberries.  Store over night and bake in the morning until heated through and yummy!
Gravy: I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you (har har har).  can't use pan scrapings since I'm doing a rotisserie chicken so I'll brown up the "innards" and neck the night before and use that as my base.  A little flour to thicken, salt, pepper, thyme and your done.
Mashed Potatoes: warm per package instructions-could THAT get any easier?
Green beans: wash, trim, steam in steamer.  Pour a small amount of melted butter with lemon over them.
Sweet Potato gnocchi: I'm hoping to get out of making these.  Basic recipe is cooked, mashed sweet potatoes mixed with flour until a dough forms.  Roll into snakes, cut into small pieces, roll with fork, freeze and boil when ready to make them.
Pumpkin Pie: follow Cybele Pascal's recipe in her Allergen Free Baker's Handbook minus the pie crust.

Enjoy your holiday everyone!!

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