Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm SO confused.....

I want to first say that I like my daughter's teacher, I really do.  Despite my frustrations over the food allergy issues, I think she's a good teacher and means well.  That said, I'm so confused!! There is another class home visit ( field trip to another child's apartment) today and since I checked ahead about what would be served I decided not to go.  Before leaving school this morning I spoke with Alexa's teacher and said "I spoke with Caryn and she said if she served any food it would be something from Alexa's safe snack list.  Could you just double check the ingredients if it's something you don't recognize?"  Her response was "Sure, but we aren't going to do snacks at these home visits.  It's just too busy and there isn't time.  The kids don't usually have a morning snack anyway so I think we should just stick to the no food rule." umm Okay....GREAT!!! That's what I wanted all along! So, why in the world did she allow yesterday's family to serve crepes? Isn't that just a tad confusing to the other parents?  I mean, I'm easily confused but I think this would confuse anyone-right? Why is one family being allowed to make crepes with the kids and another is told "no food"? Doesn't she realize that there are other families who may be offended by this?  I understand the family is French and crepes are part of their family thing but isn't the Italian family going to be annoyed they can't make meatballs? Or the Asian family upset because they can't make sushi?
Here's my advice to Alexa's teacher.  Make a policy, notify the parents, AND STICK TO IT!!! You'll save yourself a lot of headaches and no one will blog about your silly flip flop policies!!

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