Friday, March 5, 2010

Just par for the course

This morning I stayed in bed an extra 15 minutes-which meant I was almost 15 minutes late to drop Alexa off to school. Not a great way to start the day but I still remembered her lunch, the special blanket she wanted for nap, snack for the class, AND her show and tell item. I gathered up the kids and hustled off for the 10 minute walk to school. When I arrived at school I was greeted by her teacher who promptly said "I screwed up." I wasn't really paying attention because I was wrestling with Nicholas and reminding Alexa to change into her sneakers, hang up her coat, and put her lunch on the lunch cart. Her teacher repeats, "I'm sorry, I really messed up-I decided to make Mac and Cheese with the kids today and I forgot Alexa needs her own noodles." Now I'm paying full attention and immediately my "allergy" brain kicks in, "ok-what type of noodles are you using? Barilla-hmm-no not safe for her." Ok I can figure this out... "I'll run next door to the store and grab some safe noodles for her". Strike that idea-the teacher had already cooked the noodles and didn't have time to cook new ones for Alexa. Her teacher suggests, "what if we give her the sauce and let her dip crackers in it? It's not the same but maybe she won't feel left out?" okay-that might work but I'm pretty sure it won't. I know Alexa, and dipping crackers in cheese sauce while other kids eat noodles is not the same thing. So now I think, "Can I go home, boil up some noodles and make it back before they make the Mac & Cheese?" Probably not, they're doing it at 10am and it's now 9:15....then suddenly, voila! I remember I happen to have cooked bow tie pasta in the fridge at home! GREAT! I really don't want to walk all the way back to the apartment and come all the way back to school but I know I will if she wants me to. I decide to ask Alexa because sometimes she doesn't care or isn't interested in what they are making. "Alexa-Rebecca decided this morning that she'd like to make Mac and Cheese in class but she forgot safe noodles for you. Would you like to have a little sauce and dip crackers in it or do you want me to go home and get pasta for you?" She responds, "Mom-I'd like noodles, PPLLLEEESE can I have noodles?" Even though I'm tired, it's cold outside and it's a 10 minute walk each way-I can't say no. So-off I went to get her noodles. As inconvenient as it was, I'm grateful that the school tries to accommodate and include her. I'm also grateful that the school is close by because next year she may be at school that is not close by and if they forget to call me or do a last minute food project she'll be out of luck. Just an another average day for an Average Allergy Mom!!

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  1. Hi
    Love your blogg.
    Did I tell you that we found out that Tyra has egg,milk+ milk protin, citrus, and nut allergy...Plus that she has asthma...My world is just up side down wright now..I would love get some tips from to survive this..The lack of sleep just killing me..
    Her immune system is low so the doctor told us to give culturelle probiotics,have you heard about it?
    -If you have and if Lexie takes it, how do she responde to it?
    Now I know your wold little bit better..I wish you still lived here..
    Lots of hugs and kiss the kids from me!