Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Prayers for the GOLDEN bunny!

Hippy Hop-pity Easters on it's waaay. In our house this means early on line shopping for safe Easter bunnies or late night candy making sessions trying to hide the chocolate creations from my daughter. This year we are going to be away during Easter. Since we are flying I figured packing the bunny would mean arriving to our destination with an unrecognizable brown lump in my suitcase. So I went online, ordered my bunnies early and had them shipped to my mom's house in Florida a full week before Easter. After a hardy pat on the back for a job well done-I was content to know that a cute little Nut Free, Egg Free chocolate bunny would be sitting my daughter's Easter Basket on Easter morning. wrong. A few days later I get this email from my Step Mom: "your shipment arrived. You did not get your bunnies. Instead you received a small package of fruit candy, a very small bag of jelly beans, and a package of chocolate eggs" My heart sank but I immediately contacted the company, thinking if they shipped it immediately I'd still have it for Easter. The company sends me an email stating "we're all out of those bunnies, can we send you this bunny instead?" NOPE! The replacement bunny's are made on the same equipment as egg products. So now we're 10 days from Easter and NO bunny for Alexa. I immediately started scouring the other allergy friendly sights for that ever elusive Nut Free, Egg Free Chocolate bunny. I felt like Elmer Fud chasing Bugs Bunny and kept humming, "get the wwaabit, get the wwaabbitt". After about 30 minutes of websites which said "sorry we're no longer taking Easter orders" BINGO! I find one. I order my cute little 4 oz bunny for $4.95 and click order...then...BAM! I see the total cost- $14.95!!! They charged me $10.00 for shipping a 4 oz bunny!!! WOW! So now I have 4 oz bunny worth $14.95 coming for Easter-I've nick named him "The GOLDEN Bunny". Outrageous I know, but her smile on Easter morning will be worth it right? Only problem...still no bunny and I can't get any confirmation from the company that it has even shipped! Sigh...I suspect that she'll go without a chocolate bunny this year. I feel like I failed her. Worst part, now Nick can't have his chocolate bunny either. What kind of evil Easter bunny would bring a chocolate bunny for Nick and blow her off? Ok-so let's all join together and say an Easter Prayer for the Golden Bunny and hope it arrives by Saturday!!!

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