Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thinking of Haiti

Like many of you, I can not stop thinking about the tragedy in Haiti. I am reading about all that they are facing and just breaks my heart. Unlike those living through it, or those who have family or friends there, I'm fortunate enough to be able to choose not to read about the destruction, grief and struggle if it becomes to painful or difficult. But today I had a thought that truly terrified me. What I were in a similar catastrophe with my food allergic child? My daughter has multiple severe food allergies and asthma. Would I have her Epi Pens, Bendryl or Albuterol to keep her safe? Probably not. What would I feed her? Her options are already limited and with access to food being a problem there's a real chance she would be in danger of starving or suffering a life threatening allergic reaction to the food we did find. If we got emergency rations-would they be a safe for her to eat?? It's overwhelming to contemplate. Unfortunately, if you're fleeing a collapsing building your unlikely to grab the Epi Pens, Benadryl or inhaler and advanced planning for this type of disaster may not help. I'd love to hear from parents of other food allergic children who have emergency plans in place. What would YOU do to plan for something like this? God bless those suffering and I pray that the aid coming into the country will reach those who need it. I pray that our family will never have to experience such fear, grief and suffering as that facing the Haitian people.

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