Monday, January 4, 2010

Another cold day with fingers crossed

Have you ever experienced or heard of Cold Urticaria? My 2 year old son was recently diagnosed with this condition and living in a cold climate makes it a real challenge. Basically, he's allergic to the cold and develops hives on any part of his skin which is exposed. Sound bizarre? It did to my in-laws but my niece had this condition in her twenties so I was not confused when my young son started developing hives when exposed to the cold, but I was dismayed and saddened. When we were living in New Hampshire I could warm the car, transfer him in and run him from the car to the building or vice versa. However, we recently moved to NYC and getting my daughter to school each day requires a 10 minute walk in the cold each way and serious stress and concern for me. We've started him on Zyrtec each day in hopes that it will control his symptoms. It was frigid today and I was nervous that he would have a reaction but fortunately he still young enough to get bundled into a stroller for the walk and we were able to escape any problems to or from school. I'm very interested in hearing from anyone else who has experience with this condition as it seems very rare. We are hopeful that he will out grow it or that it will resolve as he grows but there is no way to know for sure. I had my hands full dealing with my daughter's multiple food allergies, environmental allergies and asthma but now I must also make room for daily care of my babies issues as well. If you have healthy children, kiss them, hug them and thank GOD for them!

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