Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lexi Missed out again

There was another birthday celebrated at Alexa's preschool yesterday. As usual, I pulled out a cupcake for her to take to school for the celebration but in the crazy morning rush I packed her lunch but forgot the cupcake! Normally-I would have realized this when I arrived at the school and quickly correct my error, but yesterday my husband dropped her at school and the teachers did not remind him. The cupcake sat forgotten on the counter until later in the morning when I discovered it. I immediately started beating myself up for the error because it was now too late to bring it to her since they celebrate during morning snack. All I could think of was my poor child sitting there watching 14 kids eat some special treat while she had some boring snack from her safe snack stash. I'm blessed to have a child who does not cry or get upset when these things happen but I would give anything to spare her these moments. When I picked her up the teacher said "oh it was fine we all had goldfish and cheese sticks-so she wasn't left out" and I thought "Hooray! A Mom who didn't fuss with cake, cookies etc for a birthday!" WRONG! On the way home Alexa informed me that they had brownies-which she could not have. Now why in the world would the teacher leave this detail out?? So I asked Alexa ,"Really honey? But Rebecca said you had goldfish and cheese." Alexa said "Yes but they also had brownies-maybe Rebecca didn't realize" UGH! I'm amazed how great Alexa is about it-and of course I gave her the cupcake when we got home (which she lovingly shared with her brother) but these moments just highlight how challenging it can be to raise a child with multiple food allergies. I am thankful for the parents who reach out to me before the celebration so that I can make her something similar or make suggestions. Those moments are priceless and deeply appreciated. I wonder what next week will bring.....

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