Thursday, January 6, 2011

In honor of my sisters.......

I'm a bit overdue but need to take a moment to write about the joy of spending a holiday at someone else's home this Christmas without the worry and stress!  I'm not sure either of my sisters understand the magnitude of what they did for us or how immeasurably grateful we are.  So this post is in their honor.

Almost all parties we attend require the following: packing safe food for Alexa; inspecting all food upon arrival; explaining to Alexa the items which are safe and which are not; reminding her not to eat off other's plates or share snacks or drinks; putting aside a plate for her before everyone dips into safe foods with nut or egg contaminated hands or utensils; watching what the other children are eating to keep track of who's eating "danger" foods and watching my child throughout the party to ensure she's okay.  This Christmas was extra special because we could relax and know our daughter was safe.  Not one peanut or nut was present!  My amazing sister Noreen, checked in with me over every ingredient, asked lots of questions about safe food brands and even made my little girl her very own egg free lasagna!  She also made Cherrybrook Kitchen sugar cookies, Chocolate Covered Sunbutter balls (that I was supposed to make!) AND checked in with my sister Karen about desserts.  Karen not only brought nut free desserts but also went out of her way to make special nut and egg free cookies just for Alexa!  When she put them out she explained how she cleaned her pans, made the egg and nut free cookies first, packaged them and put them away before making any cookies containing egg or nuts!  How do you express you appreciation for this kind of care and forethought?  How do you explain how much it means to be able to attend a party and relax and enjoy yourself without worry about the food on the table?? A simple "thank you" does not seem sufficient.  So Noreen & Karen, thank you for your thoughtfulness, your time, your love, consideration, forethought, hard work and for making this Christmas one we will remember for a very long time!  You will never know how special you made it!


  1. That is SUPER special! There are so few times when relaxing and food-related events go hand-in-hand. I love when my family goes the extra mile to accommodate my food allergies too. YAY! Congratulations on your safe Christmas. :)

  2. You know, my eyes are welled up like a baby. That is sooo great. My family goes the extra mile which I appreciate so much, but for your family to do it is so much more work than what my family does fo Nico because of Alexa's multiple allergies. That is terrific that you could relax, because so many people don't realize there is NO relaxing when you have a child with allergies. Oh and did I mention that my husband's family doesn't even give it a thought. Oh yeah, still stressful and angry on that end!! Lisa

  3. Lisa-I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I was filled up just writing it. I completely understand your stress and frustration-there have been events where food has been covered in nuts and I've thought "if you had told me I would have left her at home". We're slowly navigating the world of allergens since Alexa has started school and I'm learning to advocate for her and to appreciate those people who "get it". hugs!!