Monday, December 20, 2010

Terribly sad news...13 year Old child dies from Food Allergy

Just read about a 13 year old girl who died from a food allergy at a school Christmas Party.  I can not express how heartbreaking I find this.  Even more than heart breaking, I have so many questions! What was she allergic to? Where were her Epi Pens? Did this event happen during the day? Where was the school nurse? and Why, Why, Why? did this child have to die for schools to understand how serious food allergies are?  Just when I get comfortable and confident in managing my child's allergies I see something like this and the cascade of emotions come tumbling out again.  It's a reminder that we can never be too vigilant and you must remind your child to ASK ASK ASK, carry your Epi Pens and if you are not sure-don't eat it.  Prayers and heartfelt sympathy for this family. I have a good mind to bring this to the attention of my daughter's school.  They are so lax and laid back about food allergies it really reminds us how we need to educate those who care for our children.  Hug your babies tonight in honor of this girl.

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