Monday, October 25, 2010

Divvies, Dylan's Candy Bar and FAI put on a GREAT event!

I simply MUST take a moment to thank Divvies, Dylan's Candy Bar  and the Food Allergy Initiative(FAI) for an amazing Halloween event this past Saturday.  We arrived at Dylan's Candy Bar and were greeted by a very nice woman (didn't get her name) who asked us our name and then reviewed Alexa's allergies against the ingredients list for each item at the event.  I was thrilled to find that Alexa could eat everything at the event!!  Also each item was clearly marked with a card containing the ingredients.   Alexa participated in the "guess the flavor" Jelly Bean contest,  decorated and ATE a Divvies Cupcake and made a Halloween craft with Jelly Beans.  All the candy was allergy friendly and there were even cookies that were safe for her! I can not tell you how fabulous it was to watch my little girl safely and happily enjoy a Halloween event at a CANDY STORE where not once did I have to say "sorry honey, but...".  I truly had tears in my eyes watching her and choked up while thanking Lori Sandler, the author of The Divvies Bakery Cookbook and founder of the Divvies products for such a fabulous party.  If you are not familiar with Divvies-you should be...the food is delicious and their new products include Jelly Beans, Jelly Stars, Cupcakes, Chocolate chips, cookies and Carmel Popcorn.  They are a BIG hit in our house! I'm so happy to see that they are now have a larger selection of cookies with out soy flour in them!  I use to avoid them for this reason but now we can enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Our daughter finally had the opportunity to attend a Halloween Event in "the land of Yes!" as Lori would say.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The smiles I saw from the parents and children on Saturday will warm my heart for weeks to come.

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