Sunday, July 8, 2012

What are you REALLY giving up?

Why are some people so possessive of their food? What are they really being asked to sacrifce.....
Here's a poem I wrote about the issue:

The Sacrifice:

Could you go without peanuts for a few hours a day? 
Could you go without soy, fish, wheat or whey? 
What would you lose for an hour or two? Would this really be so difficult for you?  
Would it cause you grief? Would it cause you pain? 
Would it rob you of joy? Could you smile again? 
Would your hopes and dream all disappear...cause such pain you'd cower in fear?
What really are you giving up by avoiding some food?  Is this too much to ask of you?
A favorite food compared to a life? 
It astounds me it cause such strife. 

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