Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another successful meal out!

Last Saturday we had tickets to Rabbit Sense at the TaDa Theater.  We thought it would be nice to have dinner with friends and the kids afterwards.  For most families this simply entails finding a decent kid friendly place near the theater.   Not so for us. While I easily could have packed a meal for Alexa, she's getting older and 3 of her friends would be with us.  If we were going to eat out, I really wanted her to feel like a one of the group and not "special" but I also wanted her to be safe and to not have to stress about the food.  So my husband and I spent over an hour scouring the internet on separate laptops. The goal was to find a decent restaurant-not too pricey that would be safe for Alexa and great for the kids and grownups alike.  Now THAT is a tall order!  We looked at websites like, and finally  On we found a note from a allergy Mom which talked about their great experience at Blue Smoke  Both of her children have nut allergies.  After looking at the location and food options we noticed they are kid friendly AND have a nut free menu! Fabulous! While Alexa has more allergies than just nuts, peanut and tree nuts are her most dangerous so I was please to find the nut free option.  We called ahead and talked to a manager who assured us they could accommodate our needs.  Bravo!!  After the show we headed down to Blue Smoke and Alexa was able to order off of the children's menu.  She had elbows with butter and mashed potatoes.  A bit of a carbo load but I'll take it!! Unfortunately, she wasn't able to eat their ice cream or any of the desserts because they all contain eggs but she took the news like a trooper and didn't cry or make a scene.  I promised her a cookie when she got home but she was so tired from all the excitement, she completely forgot.  All in all it was a very, very nice meal out and the first time we have eaten out as a family with friends and not brought a meal for her.  We really enjoyed it.  A big thank you our friends, AllergicGirl and Blue Smoke for a lovely evening out we will remember fondly for a very long time.  

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